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You can find out here what opportunities there are for obtaining favourable loans or grants for home ownership. It pays to find out, because the funding provided by the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg helps builders on their way to owning their own four walls.

Subsidies in Berlin and Brandenburg

Secure favourable loans or grants for home ownership through the respective state development institute, e.g. through the Landesbank. This applies to the following measures or projects: New construction, energy-efficient construction, initial purchase, second-hand purchase as well as modernisation, refurbishment and improvement of housing value, e.g. barrier-free conversion, extension or floor plan modification.

Pay attention to the funding conditions. Before applying for funding, you should read the respective funding conditions carefully. For example, self-use of the property over several years is usually an important condition. Maximum income limits are also clearly defined and fixed. Additional subsidies are often available if there are small children living in the household.

The following applies to Berlin: Projects in the real estate sector essentially comprise the construction of new rental flats, the construction and acquisition of residential property, and the planning and implementation of energy-efficient renovation measures on existing residential properties. In addition, there is the age-appropriate conversion of existing flats. Applications for this are processed by the Investitionsbank Berlin and can be submitted via the respective house bank. Find out more about funding opportunities for your project regarding the construction, purchase or modernisation of a property.

Brandenburg also offers a number of interesting funding programmes for housing construction and, in particular, funding for rented housing, home ownership, energy-efficient construction and refurbishment as well as intergenerational equity and adaptation for the disabled. Applications for the funding programmes of the Investment Bank of the State of Brandenburg (ILB) can usually be submitted and processed via the house bank. Detailed information can be found here:

KfW Efficiency House

If you are planning to build or buy a house or a new owner-occupied flat, you are entitled to subsidies from the state in the form of a low-interest loan from KfW, which also comes with a repayment subsidy.

An important prerequisite for this is that your property meets the standard of a KfW Efficiency House or a comparable passive house. The higher the energy standard, the higher the repayment subsidy. This means that you have to repay less.

The suitable promotional product from KfW is the loan "Energy-efficient building (153)"

The KfW Efficiency House

It is worthwhile for you to pay attention to the KfW Efficiency House standard when building or buying a property. This allows you to save energy costs, increase the value of your property, improve living comfort and also benefit from subsidies.

There are different levels for the KfW Efficiency House, indicated by key figures. The smaller the indicator, the lower the energy requirement and the higher the subsidy.

For new buildings, the KfW Efficiency House 40 Plus, 40 and 55 standards are subsidised. The decisive factor for classification is the energy quality of the property. It is measured with the reference values primary energy demand and transmission heat loss.

In any case, it makes sense to involve an energy consultant in the project, as energy-efficient construction requires complex expertise. A qualified expert ensures that all measures lead to the desired result. For the funding of your new building project, you must involve an energy efficiency expert.

Further detailed information and promotional products can be found on the KfW website, under the keyword "KfW Efficiency House".