In a partnership, it is part of the job to inform you about extraordinary market developments.

In recent weeks, abstruse availability and price developments have occurred on the commodity markets, which are currently expected to continue for the next few weeks or even months.

The Corona pandemic has already led to massive disruptions in some supply chains in 2020. Furthermore, the rapid recovery of the global economy from the Corona pandemic is encountering an imbalance in the supply chains (wood, steel products, recovered paper and chemical products).

We have received increasing reports of force majeure, shutdowns and maintenance from various suppliers. In various areas of the supplier industry, there are delivery delays, steadily increasing delivery times and higher material prices.

Orders: current delivery times:
XPS / EPS No delivery commitments, allocation of quotas
Plasterboard 4 weeks with a very strong upward trend
Profiles: 6 – 8 weeks, unresolved situation
Mineral wool: 3 weeks, allocation of quotas
Wood: 2 – 3 weeks, unresolved situation

In recent weeks, we have been able to compensate for existing supply bottlenecks in various product areas through additional purchases.

Unfortunately, it is foreseeable that there will be no timely deliveries from the industry for some product groups. We therefore ask for your understanding already today.

In recent weeks, we have not only received price increases in the 2-digit range from the building materials industry, but we are also partly being put on volume allocation by our suppliers.

Price announcements to date, on the part of the industry
XPS / EPS: 15 – 20% with immediate effect
Wood: Daily prices with immediate effect
TB profiles / accessories: 16 – 21% from 01.08.
Drywall C+U profiles: 24,5% from 15.09.
Drywall accessories / profile technology 15% from 01.10.
Screws etc.: 10 -12% from 01.05.
Steel frames: 5,5% from 06.09.
Mineral wool: 3% as of 01.05. (glass wool only)
10- 12% from 01.07.
Mineral wool partition wall panels: 16% from 01.11.
Mineral wool core and screed insulation: 16% from 01.11.
Mineral wool clamping felts: 14% from 01.11.
Vapour retarders + sealants 8 -14% from 01.07.
Steel doors: 4% from 01.06.
Plasterboard / Filler: 5 – 7% from 01.07.
Knauf Gypsum Fibre: 5 – 6% from 01.07.
Fermacell gypsum fibre: 5 – 6% from 01.08.
Wooden doors: 5 – 7% from 01.07.
Wooden interior doors: 4,5% from 01.10.
Colours / Pasty renders: 5% from 01.05.
Mineral fibre ceiling tiles: 3% from 15.08.
Mineral fibre ceilings sails: 10% from 15.08.
Mineral fibre ceilings Rails: 37% from 15.08.
For the following product areas, we keep the current pricing bound as follows:
Plasterboard / Filler until 30.06.
Mineral wool until 30.06.
other commodity groups until revoked

Due to the daily changing situation regarding prices and availabilities, further price adjustments cannot be excluded this year.

As soon as the raw material price situation returns to a normal level, we will of course take this into account in our pricing towards you.

We ask for your understanding and look forward to continued good cooperation.